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Attract relevant traffic and increase business leads and conversion rate. At a nominal cost per acquisition relish huge traffic and use relevant ad channels that offer high Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

What is Pay Per Click?

PPC or pay-per-click is a technique of internet marketing for which advertisers are charged a one-time fee for the clickable ads. It is done by buying clicks on a website instead of an organic attempt to attract visitors.

The advertiser’s bid for the placement of their ads on the search results when someone searched for related keywords. Ads are placed in the sponsored links of the search engine. Going for PPC service in Delhi/India will seek results on the top of the Google searches.

PPC Service India

The PPC service offered by BlissMarcom helps you reach to relevant traffic. We refine keywords till you get down to appropriate traffic. Boost your business sales by more of clicks for a penny spent by choosing best PPC company that hold expertise in leading you ahead in the competition!!

Inclusions in PPC Service-

Social Media Ads

Get higher engagement at lower cost-per-acquisition than searches, social media advertising is the tool that is best amongst paid tools of digital marketing.

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Search Advertising

The most essential aspect of PPC is search advertising. Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Marketing is some of the terms used for it.

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Google Shopping Advertising

One of the crucial aspect of online marketing business is Google Shopping Ads. Sell out your products by creating campaigns to attract online customers

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Display Ads

It is one of the most accurately targeted advertising models that boost the power of digital marketing in terms of hike in sales potential and improved ROI.

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Mobile Ads

With immense hike in mobile market and usage of data connections, it has grown prominently to a great scale by increase in viewability and reach of the website.

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A smart technique of search advertising offered by BlissMarcom – a PPC service Company to get your ads in the eye of users and to boost your conversion rate.

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Get on top of searches by our PPC Management


Strategize account

Audit account, build up strategies to get high returns on investment of your campaign and make every penny invested on ads a worth.


Bid Management

We work towards achieving high returns of a campaign by selecting optimum keywords, analyzing ad performance constantly and as per the requirements, we optimize bids.


Research competition

We believe extensive research and our research about keyword and competition helps us in developing a strategy to lead the race.


Campaign expansion

Rise your success bar by modifying and revising process strategy with ceaseless efforts to inflate your campaign and optimize marketing tactics for enhancing sales.


Optimized writing

Elevate your campaign by ensuring a better return on investment by focusing on enthralling ad copies and well-augmented landing pages.


Performance Analysis

Our deep analysis and performance report aid in discerning the return on investment and accordingly further actions to undergo in order to improve the campaign.

Why choose the best PPC Advertisement Company?

Investment and return go hand in hand!! While investing in PPC you seek for relevant traffic as every ad click costs you bid amount. PPC campaign requires experts in the field for better returns because even minor mistakes can cost you high.

Experts @ Bliss Marcom undergo comprehensive research process and wisely strategize to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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India’s best SEO Company in India was established in 2016 is based in Noida, we are Digital Marketing Agency that consults and cover complete digital marketing aspects.  This includes SEO services, SMO services, website designing, PPC services, Content Marketing and many more to engage prospective visitors on your website. Best SEO Company in India comprises profound professionals that hold expertise in SEO. Read More..

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