Social Bookmarking is an activity comprised of promoting a website by creating numerous links on diverse social media sites. However, Social Bookmarking Sites are the mode to seek, collect and manage the webpages by the utilization of “Bookmarks”. Users submit information links to the categories they want to share on a Social Bookmarking Sites. These bookmarking sites are open for the public and can be seen by other users or members. and are major examples of social bookmarking sites.

Social media is a good platform for social bookmarking such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more. These are undoubtedly the utmost widespread social bookmarking sites.

When you have shared some content on a social bookmarking site automatically creates a backlink that is generally “no follow” that leads to a substantial rise in the traffic on a website. This site said in building quality backlinks that holds a major traffic component in a website. Social bookmarking helps a website to be visible in the Search Engine Results Page as search engines look for such sites.

There are several Social Bookmarking Sites but all are worth that’s not true.  One has to choose wisely that which social bookmarking site is good.


  • Creating a social bookmarking for a site can be quite beneficial for a website to increase the traffic. Some of the websites like Digg and are really good at bringing a lot of traffic to the website. Visitors who reach your websites through a clicked link on a social bookmarking website are the ones who are interested in the same content.
  • Be careful as most of the sites mark links to other sites as “nofollow”. This conveys to a search engine to not follow the particular link, and hence one can not avail any benefits from the added link.
  • Search engines also explore these bookmarking sites. Thus if your link is present there will be high chances of getting ranked.
  • Being featured on a bookmarking site can often motivate people to tag your site on other bookmarking sites. People can tag on one and more bookmarking sites that is a good opportunity to promote a web site.
  • Adding social bookmarking buttons to a website makes easier for the visitors to connect with the website.



A vast network to promote a website. Twitter has an ample audience and is a beneficial platform to promote. One can post links, image, and content which people fine eye-catchy and worthy to revisit.


If you wish to explore with the graphics and visual style, otherwise you have somebody on your team that will, Dribble could be a good spot to induce some SEO backlink action.


Delicious is a profound bookmarking site if considering to create a maximum grip on your content.



Having a good blog then dig definitely belongs to your content. It’s perfect for sharing entrancing content with high audience rate.


Reddit has a box of content. Users can comment, up-vote or down-vote the content that is submitted. If looking to promote your own blog/article or content, Reddit is the right place.


The offers a professional solution to the users for the creation of content, predictive analysis, and content curation.


Build to engage with the professional audience, LinkedIn has500+ million users.


Diigo is the basic social bookmarking site for the educational purpose. Professors, learners, researchers, and any person with an inquisitive mind love the characteristics that monitor the resources. This makes sharing easier.


As it is an exemplary social bookmarking site, it has a standard monthly use epicenter of 175 million, among them 80 percent of them are women.


It is for Software developers all over the world. Each day millions of software developers explore the website to read and share about the new tech trends around the world.


The best place to share a PowerPoint presentation.


Slashdot an essential bookmarking site for tech-savvy. Users submit and promote content on gaming, cloud computing, computer hardware, security management, and more.


It is a question and answer based website where users can ask a question and one can discuss varied topics.


The most widespread social media network around the world and a prime source of maximum traffic.



It is a micro-blogging network through which multimedia post can be shared.


Instapaper is hyped as the simplest approach to save and keep blogs and articles to read.


A world-wide comment system that increases the discussions on websites which joins conversations through the web.


It is an online link upload service which allows to share and store links from everywhere in the world.


It features instant approval for submitted content.


It is a news blog on which users can post and share their stories of own.


  1. Zypid
  2. MetaFilter
  3. AixinDashi
  4. BookMarkBook
  5. Bookmarkfeeds
  6. BookmarkMaps
  7. Trendie
  8. CiteULike
  9. Pearltrees
  10. Medium
  11. Feedly
  12. Kirtsy
  13. LinkaGoGo
  14. Crazybacklink
  15. Emolinks
  16. Mozylinks
  17. PiPiNews
  18. look4
  19. A2Z Bookmarks
  20. Active Bookmarks
  21. Act web-sport
  22. Addthismark
  23. Akonter
  24. BibSonomy
  25. BizSugar
  26. Blinklist
  27. Blog Engage
  28. Blogmarks
  29. Boing Boing
  30. Bookmark4you
  31. Bookmark bay
  32. Bookmark spider
  33. Dailyhostnews
  34. Fark
  35. Folkd
  36. Foursquare
  37. Google Bookmarks
  38. Hub pages
  39. Library Thing
  40. Link arena
  41. Lymelightwebs
  42. Myspace
  43. Pinboard
  44. Plurk
  45. Pocket
  46. Sfcsf
  47. Utoms
  48. Vie search
  49. We Heart It
  50. White links
  51. Wirefan
  52. Yemle
  53. Flickr
  54. Mendeley
  55. Blokube
  56. Paper
  57. Mysitevote
  58. Flipboard
  59. Google plus
  60. Listly
  61. Dotnetkicks
  62. Face cool
  63. Site jot
  64. SocioPost
  65. Tracky
  66. Ttlink
  67. Plurk
  68. Mix
  69. Sqworl
  70. Evernote
  71. ridents
  72. vapidpro
  73. mykith
  74. ferventing
  75. lucidhut
  76. kenplanet


Social Bookmarking is one of the finest link building techniques. Hence, It helps in improving a website ranking on google. Social bookmarking enhance popularity and make your website visible. However, There are a number of people who are using social bookmarking to increase the traffic on their website and numerous users have benefitted from social bookmarking.

Thus the social bookmarking sites are renowned for storing the fresh and new content it helps search engine to categorize and index easily. Social bookmarking sites are not an only an effective way to make your website visible but it also opens door to several opportunities for users. Hence Utilizing Social Bookmarking for your website is must to get maximum traffic on your website.

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